“Grit And Grace!”

Late evening, howling gales moved that small village near Chennai. Inspite of the cool breeze, ‘that farmer’ was all soaked in sweat. He peeped through the window until those labor screams turned to mere new born crying. “It is a girl again ”, as if the male doctor was filled with remorse for him. Screams returned to the labor room but this time a fairly unbalanced loss of his wife broke his will to live.

He then tried to work so that his 7 daughters could be fed; but alcohol just understood him better. As the only focus remained on sips of liquor, he slashed extra of pesticides and farms went out dry for 2 consecutive years. Nobody gave him any work for he was doubted for AUD.

Seeing the conditions gone worse, the eldest washed utensils and fed them initially. Things did turn blue when men seeing a helpless girl tried to get her hands on her, calling her names and unfair treatment too. So she made a point to send her sisters when life was seen better. With the help of community men, she ushered her dear siblings into orphan home at Compassion Children Home, Chennai. She stayed up with father and kept sending money to siblings.

It was Puthandu (Tamil New Year) that day, streets were decorated and the neighbours got us Maanga Pachadi (sweet and sour dish). She completed the rangoli and went in to wake father. Astonished and Aghast was she to found that father lied numb. “They were parentless now. Like the family with unspeakable peace and freedom of being orphans.”

Done were those rituals for Antyesti (last sacrifice) than a flyer rushed by wind. Saying, “Looking for women wanting to excel in Naval Force.” Neither did she think back and joined the same. She had a vision to get her sisters triumph in various professions.

Over the years,she got trained into navy force and kept sending in flow to bridge gap in her sisters’ futures. The 2nd eldest got into Government medical college, the next got into architecture designing following into professions of teaching, business administration-finance, accounting and the lovely youngest into her dream of baking.

They not only got into Esteemed Professions but also proved presumptions on backgrounds are baseless. The eldest is now at the “Indian Navy” Commissioned Rank- ‘Commodore’.

They “Exempted Women At Odds With An Even Society.”


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  1. zeal345 says:

    Beautifully written.. Well curated.. 💞🌸

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    1. Thank you. Kindly share🎀


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