The Fatal Fate.

“Charismatic is not really ordinary.”This is a story of a teenage girl who oath to smile even in those hard times. Not really a tale of Extra Certitude, Courage and Confidence; but the one who believed in herself.

Who is she? Fiah Khan, an ordinary College going teen, exceptional a good writer, likely people’s favourite and quite a bit talented. From shifting share bars to makeup hacks, she all knew it well. She even heard people admiring her! Her Groundedness was taken for granted, but she never felt too taken on it. She honestly believed, ” If someone feels happy making fun of me, then why not!”

But on several days this gentle lady was set back to harsh memories thinking how far She and Her Mother have Managed!

Years ago, on 15th April a Not-So-Passionate couple stood together for making vows till eternity. The man being married once earlier haven’t had a good experience in marriage vows but managed to promise a great future together. His earlier marriage brought him sorrow and a son following a daughter. While in that marriage, the daughter grew to a age where she was mature to understand marriage but flew with a guy, demeaning her father’s name. In that pain, he divorced the earlier wife. After many years, he decided to marry again to this beautiful woman. While She understood marriage with Him better, than she conceived a baby girl who was named Fiah. 
Things went right, business bloomed, baby grew and all was happy. But nobody knew his Son’s vengeance doubled over time. One fine day, he caught his father’s collar and tried all the swear words he could ever use. In that shame, the father underwent a mental trauma even devastating then cancer. Fiah then was 4 years old when her mother kept running for her father’s medication and leaving her at different houses of different cousins. Time was bad, trauma was deep, Doctor gave the final call, Son asked for dividual property but claiming even more. Mother showed courage with sheer backing of her brothers. Land was given but life threats were openly delineated. The father was declared deceased while the mother saw his shrinking eyeballs, as he fought through death for a long time. For she disappeared with her daughter, far away and now settled well.

For Fiah respects her mother for her extra fortitude. She hasn’t seen her very happy, but recreates moments which are likeable. For Fiah’s hardship wasn’t limited to above, but whosever she loved either wasn’t with her or was now a stranger. In the haste of finding love, it all messes up and there’s that storm within where she wants to scream to call back life at normal but nobody can hear here. Friends became strangers and Love Potions to heart breaking realms!!
For She had accepted that even destiny hadn’t written any lasting love for her and cries in deserted nights for her father back again in her life!


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