Like, “Wow.”

“I can’t do this anymore, I am already in love with someone else who treats me right,” and she hung the call. This probably was his shortest call duration which shook his 3-year old relationship. He wanted to call back and ask what was wrong, but couldn’t nor could he sleep that night. But who are we talking about!?

Raj Khanna, a well to-do engineer working at shifts in a software company and trying for opportunities abroad, desperately. He was like any ordinary Punjabi who never settles for less. But unlike he met Naira Khatib, another Punjabi but calm, cool and composed. A aspiring fashion designer with amazing shapes. Met at French classes and no longer started dating. Their 3- year old relationships enjoyed many moments and amazing makeouts at phenomenal places. Oh, Yea! With which came along many issues which eventually sorted but the insecurity one; lasted for real long. He complained and she ignored, which led to someone taking His place.

He was broken. No sooner than his mailbox got a mail with subject saying, “Selected For Entourage of Engineers at Japan” brought a subtle smile on his sad face. He had to leave in 5 days with paid leave to shop for same. He got consolidating calls while he was trying hard to forget. Japan was on and so did his shopping.

On the 6th Day,

He reached Japan with his jerk-faced employees and started exploring places. He tour was forecasted for 6 months and so did he find places around to chill. Ranting along, he came across a dine setup with a perfect view. Got in and sat and flew back to Her Memories. Soon Pinged his Facebook Notification saying, ” Naira Khatib has engaged to Ankush Patel- Leave a Message To Congratulate Them.” And shunned his whole world in no seconds. He was to leave the place than crashed a beautiful annd evenly scented girl. He said sorry and gazed at her for she reminded of Naira. A few days later, he went to the same place to see if she was there. And he got lucky that day, she was sitting reading a book. He went to the bar stand and inquired with Yen. He found to be her name Simran D., whose inception was from Delhi but bought up in Japan. He presumed that she could speak Hindi. He willingly turned to her and in no time became friends. 

What do we call this? Infatuation! Attraction! Or Just Mere Fortune! Maybe it was just a good day for him.

Numbers exchanged. Talks Grew. He Forgot Her. She became the Irreplaceable. Maybe somewhere down there- “Raj Found His Simran.”


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