Fresh Again.

She was sad. She felt ; cursed deep down herself. Vague promises kept diluting between them. Few seconds past that they made infinity vows and later all was shattered. Seeing, him wrapped around someone else broke her heart. Dissolving her confidence, she started the car. He followed her with the pace of the km/h increasing every second for her to listen. She decided not to wait. 
Both! But Who?

Kiara and Keshav were partners of the same biology project, they were working on for years. No sooner than she quit this dream. She went to her parents who were never so well with her. They doubted her potential and she started to hate herself. 

That noon she found herself in a mist of experts talking about life on a chat show. She behold the channel than she ever watched any. Contacted him if there was any chances to built her self- morality scenes. She was lucky that day.

A four-week-routinely-blast with full-attendance was the ultimate privacy policy then, the facilitator Mr. Shah had. Twice her age, happily married man with business of solar panels; who supported visionary youth ideas and got along well with them. Sessions started and she starled to explore herself. She never taught she would feel this better and new in her anymore. She had a blast of alchemy wherein good thoughts, great ideas and the art of living life right sparked in her. She felt fresh blood blasting her. 

What great was; her transformation into a magical herself of loving the way life was. Started seeing  herself compatible in all difficult phases. She completed hours with facilitator and started a restraù that she always wanted to.

Magic! Got its real touch-down.


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