It was the first Sunday of August, as we call the Friendship Day. He ran to his hostel room and cried all day. Why? And Who?
Raman Iyer, absolute genius is what the entire college thought of him. Geek loaded with books but absolutely alone. As he had no father, his mother held hopes which burdened him day in and out. No friends, No social life; exception to the fact he could ever have a girlfriend. This isn’t what I think, but rest all in the college did!

That night he cried for having no one. People he thought were his friends actually used him- for notes, assignments, etc. Every geek’s story isn’t?

Next morning, freshers admitted. New vibes and amazing girls, to some doping-around seniors. “Sun, Zara nacch ke dikha!” teased a junior. Came a girl with heels smashing the floor with crackling voice and within seconds smacking that senior’s face with thundering voice. “Tere baap ka college hai Kya?” She was then named *Lady Dabanng* and no guy messed with her.
She was Radhika Pawar, Maharashtrian with amazing grades who actually topped the university. Straightforward and didn’t mind smacking or going incredibly offensive. 

It was late 7pm and the last bus to both girls and boys hostel was late. Radhika and Raman standing at opposite ends rushed ,as the bus came. Managing to get in, Raman got a seat which he offered to Radhika without knowing her personally but the entire college spoke of her deeds. Within minutes, a sudden break got the bus passengers smash against each other. A lady in no time slapped Raman for having an eye and purposely falling on her. People started hitting the already accused Raman. Radhika, well-known-popular-smacker slapped a man who was just looking at her. Silence made space and she made her point saying,” Stop sounding wasted, the bus had a sudden break and things happened unintentionally. You slapped the guy for falling accidentally on you. I slapped the man for looking at me intentionally. Equal.” In next 10 minutes, they were at the college bus stop.
Both got off without saying a word. Days past and they keep saying Hie to each other in college. 

Raman’s Facebook notification popped. *Radhika Pawar send you a friend request.* He knew her name already and they started talking in no time. Numbers exchanged. Things grew up. Unexpectedly she felt for him. He was anyway sober. He liked her too.

She wanted to meet him desperately at 11 in the night. He kept on refusing, but he wanted to. He was called at the back gate of his hostel where no one came. 

In a fewer minutes, she came in blue pajama and a sleep-pruned face, looking ravishing as always. She held his hand and got it close to her heart. She revealed all her feelings and he was mesmerised. No sooner did the lips ended breathing the same air. That night changed their lives. They both felt special.

Next day. He wore new clothes and set for college. Dialled her number but was unreachable. He received a message claiming a video from his mate. *Their first kiss went viral.* She took the blame on herself as she knew his situation- as told by his mate. She was expelled and hearts were broken again!


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  1. Rashmi Sawant says:

    Another sad ending😔


    1. It’s a another phase to be precise!


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