Waqea- couldn’t it happen to someone else?


That night; winds blew tall trees and her car puked all the air out at a remote place where no one to help. Caught an eye to a person driving and asked for help. Window came down and Rohan was to be seen driving, he asked to hop in and call the mechanic there. With awkward silence at start, he played the music as the town was on a 45-minute-distance. To shuffling music, a old retro track played and both unexpectedly sang it to the tune. Talks started to heat up about school, college and then to family created an absurd silence.

She started to talk about the man whom she loved the most, who eventually left her in the absolute of nowhere! Started with the first day they met eyes at fast food centre; it was her birthday and was celebrating there with her friends. Staring someone from the either corner, she noticed and went up to him and asked, “It’s my birthday, Do you mind joining?” Without thinking any moment he said,”Yes!” Music popped from latest tracks and within some time they became friend to exchanging numbers. Everyday talks to then love affair, everything just went smooth. Parents then met and soon within a year they were married. Eventually things went well, but later fights started to emerge on the basis of doubts. “Does that man want your body”, ” are you sleeping with him?”. 

6 months later, after divorce petition filed and an end to a marriage; she thought everything would then be okay.

Was it? Ten days from that night she was beaten up daily by her ex-man. Forcefully, unwantingly, she wanted to flee and manage to run away from her new moved house to her parents and then to a new city. ” You may leave my here, my house is nearby.” “Fine” He exclaimed to get out of the zone. She asked for coffee but he said he was already late.
He fell in love that night. Days passed and that feeling eventually grew real bad. He was in love. He thought to confront her that Eve. Bunch of red roses and a ring in his pocket. He reached at her apartment and found lot of people standing along with cops. Stunned and walked inside. All he could find was Her in Blood-Died!

Nobody around knew what happened. He felt his world fall from the 8th heaven he laid on. Dreams broke and he was torn……


4 Comments Add yours

  1. rashmi sawant says:



    1. We all need to find a little hope elsewhere!


  2. zeal345 says:

    Does love have to be that painful? It is a beautiful feeling baby…. I am waiting for some ‘happily ever after ‘ like being together beyond infinity…


    1. It’s a feeling that is meant to be in hearts more than just always physical; afterall Jannat is a big deal and the hunt for the perfect fingerspace is all through


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