Helping a wounded caught his eye, a girl dressed in a black saree with a black bindi and with perfect curls, vandalising people and screaming the personality of a Bengali woman.. No wait, a young independent female who strongly believed in herself!
By the way, whose eye? Rohan!

Whose he? Guy next door? Casanova? Or!

Rohan Saxena!

Facebook profile says complicated but Twitter said single. The most-wannabe-high-profile-spoil-spooky-rich-handsome-fair-Punjabi-hunk which 

any girl would date. 
That first day at Dad’s office eventually got him surprised of what a mess his father handled for all these years! And realising the fact he’s being ageing and needs a seat with chilled mocha. 

Like what? A guy would who bothered least towards this part of real life eventually landed up taking good care of it. 
Damn, real life realised its true meaning. A week passed with sheer hard work and attained managerial decisions taken up smoothly. Working at table, call hangs up saying, “Sir we have the new marketing manager, awaiting at the outer space”. To him replying,”You may send the person in”. Eyes caught, things went slow and what?
She was indeed that same female who caught his eyes lately. Views interchanged and she left. He kept on smiling and rethought whether it was true!
Days past, interactions heated up, firstly at office conversations and then to personal life. All he could end up hearing was a broken divorced woman who had faced life’s most unimaginable times with a person she fell in love with. 
What happened?
Coming up in the next blog!

#Stay Tuned


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  1. jainam says:

    Excellent fahmida one of the best posts i came across


  2. zeal345 says:

    Babbbbyyyyy… I ❤ you…Keep writing more amazing stuff….<3


  3. Rashmi says:


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