Panaah- is there anything perfect?
To the same evening at dine, Bauji reacted to evening happenings and said,”To a Brahman, gets a Brahaman always.If you find this making no sense, you may leave the house without a inch of any heir assets.” Without saying a word and listening to whatever his Bauji said, he weeped on his dine within.

That night did seem like an Equinox with dark hours. Next morning was a mutual friend’s birthday, while leaving from a gift shop he saw a man injured and took him at the nearest hospital. As his wounds seemed severe, Akash called up at this certain individual’s house from the phone received from the pocket.
Said the contact “Begum”, ring was set and the situation was narrated. And within an hour the woman of the certain man landed following Sania crying. Confused, hesitatedly he stood back.

Out of the danger situation got relief to all present there and sat beside Sania saying, “Do you know why our strings are attached?” Amused did he seem. She replied,” Your little habits strengthen our relationship!” He was still amused. “You fool, he’s my father!” 

To that same moment, the certain individual! Oops Sir Qureshi called this man within and thanked him much and did ask whatever was in his limits.

He smiled and said,”If it was your precious gem, would you?” He exclaimed,”Ofcourse, Beta maang ke toh dekho!” Next word he uttered was “Sania. Sir, we and Sania are together since a bit long time and wish to tie knot together. Can I make your precious gem mine, forever?”
That man was already hit and another Atomic right on the cellebrum! He did say we would talk later on this.

Days rolled and they kept meeting, out of a sudden both of Sania’s parents along with her poped at Akash’s place. They wanted to talk to each other in a bit private space. Things seemed so unobvious but just did happen. Loud noises seemed to blow heart away.
But guess what?

They the men come out and hug each other tightly and apparently we come to know they were kinda childhood friends, bothered by parental differences. And both decided to tie our knot.
Things went fast, Engaged and marriage the next morning. Everything was just perfect. But is anything in the world “perfect”?

If you remember I did say Sania was a absolute chiller and so her friends arranged a spinstor party wherein she could go crazy and get ready for the big day.
It was obvious for a NO; if asked parents. So she decided to jump off through the other side of the house and a friend along. Safely got herself down and moved to the road where her friend waited with the car. It was dark and pebbles around. Soon as she could get straight through the pebble, a truck with loaded rods just crashed her. With Mehndi hands under the tyre with the bridal glow seemed breath-taking.

Within minutes, Akash hushed at the spot and fell on knees and kept on waking her up. Asking her to wake for the last time and take Panaah in her arms forever. 
She was gone! Gone Forever! But this was a lie, which Akash kept on believing his entire life. Didn’t marry because he knew there was something beyond infinity and Panaah could resimplify it!


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  1. Aishwarya says:

    Y the sad ending? 😐


    1. Because’ nothing is perfect!


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