(moving on)

A year passed together and both of them tried and tried to talk to their parents about their heterosexual partners! Uhmm, I mean lovers though.

A day finally arrived where Akash called a contact saved ‘Shaish with a heart ahead’! Was he a homosexual, no way.Okay! She was indeed Sania, just several privacy reasons you see!

(Boys, I tell you)
The conversation on call steamed up when Akash said,” Come home.” And Sania replied,” I’ll make it by evening 5.”The call was hunged and tension mounted up. Quest started to heat up as what to where? Do I even have anything? 

Messing the whole room, she found a old Pink suit wherein she managed to looked way flawless. But a lil touch-up! How about some more? Red or Brown? Bronzer or Contour? All messed her mind up.

Likely an hour later, landed up being up most simply dressed and soberly made with a Kajal and a light shaded gloss. Turned to wall clock and it was almost 4:30pm. Moving out of the house, she remembered to bow down to the ground and managed to speak out “Darood Ibrahim”. 
Akash called her up, meanwhile she almost reached there. He then turned to her and stood watching her for a few moments and felt wind touching his cheeks and things going slow and absolutely being the most luckiest guy of having this lady! He kept on smiling and she kept on blushing. 

3 mins past, 5 mins past, things going slow. And bam, Bauji called and panicked enough to rush in.All what was told was followed by her. On slowly sipping down tea, Bauji asked,”What Gotr are your parents?” She stammered and Akash rose up saying,”She’s a Muslim!” Things again went slow, but the silence mourned out enough. To without saying a word, Bauji left the hall and Mother followed him. 

Things seemed well like a few moments ago…..
To what happens next!

Stay tuned!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Aishwarya says:

    Again one more suspense! Waiting for next eagerly


    1. Suspense succeeds imagination🚩


  2. Husain I Bhopawala says:

    Excellent work


  3. zeal345 says:

    Suspense again! 😦 I am loving it… & craving for moreeee… Love you baby!! ❤


    1. Future claims unexpected tho❤️


  4. Kirti says:

    Great work…..


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