Religions, Religious Myths, Religiously Inclined Principles have not only devastated many life’s but broke many dreams.But there seem to be many who refuse to part of that religious communal archade that cost their children’s dream but..Fate,Destiny and Fortune are and will never be in our hands!

Okay. Wait. Why so serious? When our crucial characters are the most chiller of their types.
Sania Qureshi, daughter of Mir Khuram Qureshi and sister of 6 elder brothers. Living a life with a family of 22 cousins, she kind off got a set back to orthodoxial principles. But I just said, chiller! Right.

She almost trolled all at home. Dual Personality game, brother! Part-time rockstar and full time inzibati. 
That night at a sleepover saying,” extra studies,Abbu!” She went to a club for the very first time but a certain individual need to pay quite a few bugs. So she turned around and asked that guy out in black leather jacket to enter with her as a Couple. But they didn’t knew what was written further!
Which guy? Who is he?

Akash. Oh! Akash Vishwakarma with strong roots of Varanasi’s patriarch Shri. Pandit Ashwar Vishwarkarma and descendent to a Pure Brahman family always enchanting to ‘Gayatri mantras’ and a home like full of incense aromas. But a chiller right, Akash AKA Akki called his friends, was almost every girls dream out in KWC college. Absolute hunk with perfect cuts and a Greek body. Damn, so ideal isn’t it!
That night after entering the club,she almost got lost. He kept on searching and could only find her at the washroom end where she got all her vodkas out! First timers, I tell you. He picked her by arm and on her friend’s request left her by the care. 
Next morning, after all that dramatic narration to Sania, which kept her in a laughter shock and kept on buzzing Akash’s mind. Her hair, her smell, all of her just kept revolving to him. At the same club, he kept waiting for her. If she would turn up her, but NO.

Days past and both nearly forgot. But that evening he saw her at a coffee shop with her friends. Chiller, indeed! With all style and attractiveness grabbed and attention and landed up speaking and probably later laughing on vodkas drop out!
Days rolled, they kept on meeting! They kept on meeting, months passed wherein several vows were exchanged. And to part of meeting families, both scared their angels within!

Find that in the next part!

Till then stay Tuned!



19 Comments Add yours

  1. Rashmi says:

    Eagerly waiting for the nxt part 🙌


  2. Husain says:

    Now this is what u call suspense!!!
    I will be waiting for it

    As for this part it is well written and truely shows the emotions of religious sentiments!!!


    1. Actually! Divided by religions but united by emotions.


  3. Zahen Khan says:

    Great story… All the best.


  4. Zahen Khan says:

    Great story… All the best.
    Waiting for the next part ^_^


  5. zeal345 says:

    Loved it…btw, you had qureshi and akash in the same story….. Loved it though.. Waiting for moreeee…


  6. Vasist says:

    Suspense suspense .. next part make it soon


  7. Just friends says:

    Loved it❤


  8. Aishwarya says:

    Good indeed…get the next part of it soon!


  9. Sufiyan Dada says:

    Even being so concerned about her at the club, this guy is so decent that he didn’t even dropped his no.. Waiting to see how more decent he could be😌


    1. Too much decent, I bet✌️


  10. Annie says:

    Wow loved it😍😍😍😍 awaiting next part..😍


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